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The Merits of Medical Marijuana

By March 5, 2020April 11th, 2022No Comments

As the Kentucky legislature discusses the merits of medical marijuana, I wonder what the ultimate impact will be on employers, their employees, and the public. Currently, 33 states have legalized marijuana in some form, 11 and the District of Columbia allow recreational use.

Here are some thoughts from me to our clients and the small business community at large to maintain safe worksites and to protect yourself.

  • Develop a formal drug and alcohol policy. A good resource can be found at
  • Have a zero-tolerance stance for marijuana on the job. You wouldn’t let an employee show up drunk.
  • Foremen and managers should be trained to spot signs of present impairment.
  • Educate employees about your policy. Make sure they are aware of the consequences if they are found working impaired.
  • As always, have your attorney, or a competent employment attorney review your plan.

David Thornton