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Is COVID-19 Covered by Workers’ Comp?

By March 12, 2020April 11th, 2022No Comments

The question of the week, at least here, seems to be is COVID-19 covered by workers comp? That question is followed closely by is loss of revenue covered, both good questions. Let’s look at workers comp right now.

Employers may be responsible for and benefits may apply for workers’ compensation coverage. I know, that wasn’t an answer, but this is new territory. Here are some examples where I think coverage applies:

  • Employees who contract the virus during a business trip to a location where they are directly exposed.
  • Employees who contract the virus at work from a coworker that tested positive.
  • Or perhaps employees who contract the virus after being required to work in a location with infected parties.

You can take steps to protect your employees by visiting the CDC. You can also implement some commonsense measures:

  • Have sick employees stay home.
  • Be flexible with sick leave.
  • Educate your employees.
  • Keep tissues, hand sanitizer, and soap stocked.
  • Perform routine cleaning.

As always, call us if you have questions.